The “Gaart Belval” is born

Léif Leit,

The community garden is finally taking shape! We would like to take this moment to give you a short overview on what has been going on the previous months- and what might happen next.

Last fall, Norry and Karine from the transition movement have asked around if somebody in the uni would be interested in establishing a place in Belval where people could hang out and grow their own veggies together. Since then, with tremendous of help of Fränz from the Mouvement Ecologique, we have been bouncing back and forth ideas on how to make it work.

Things finally came together, when Agora agreed to give us a temporary spot near square mile for 1,5 years – with the option to find something permanent close to park Belval if a community should develop around the project. The spot is perfectly located: It lays between Delhaize and the red building, with the main street on one side and high vertical trees on the other. Agora has been so helpful to push the project forward, providing contacts, ideas and advise.

Together with the CIGL in Esch, we are now developing plans on how to design the land in a way that would give different people in Belval- students, employees from businesses, school kids, residents- a place to meet. It looks, that we will start constructing in September so we can catch the last warm sun rays of the year in our garden! The first plans look very exciting!

At the moment, “we” are a group of 10 people (mostly) from the uni, establishing an ASBL – plus all the people mentioned above. We would like the project to be run not only by people form the uni, we hope to see residents and people working in Belval to join us soon. So please do share this message with anyone who might be interested!

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed the last months. It is great to see how so many different people contribute to make this project come true!

Merci villmols!

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